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Motion Graphic Design

Like graphic design, but with motion

  • Video and Motion Graphics Reel

    I started in the mid 00s as a video editor. I introduced graphics into my arsenal and enjoyed it so much that I earned myself a degree so that I could do it professionally. Here is a sample of what I have done recently.

  • We're All Just Little Children

    I had an exciting opportunity to direct a music video for LA-based band, Toy Bombs. I assembled a team of highly talented individuals. We were a small group and we all found ourselves performing multiple roles. I was also the sole editor for this video.

  • West Side Swordy

    My freelance work led me to a group out of Hollywood who needed film titles created for their small films. This particular film was a mashup of West Side Story and music from Deadmau5. Yes, it is as strange and cool as you think it is.

  • Taming the Wang

    This same Hollywood group asked me to do similar opening and closing titles to another short film, Taming the Wang, about a male model who gets involved with his agent's sister.

  • Juxtapoz Art Auction

    Juxtapoz Magazine often does events for charity and I was fortunate enough to help them advertise for one such event.

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About Me

Color Theorist | Typography Enthusiast | Visual Storyteller

Michael Hardy illustrated portrait

Mike Hardy

Graphic Designer

Self-motivated illustrator, graphic artist, and videographer. I have collaborated on children's books, music videos, product advertisements, movie titles, print ads, magazine layouts, and web designs for a diverse collection of clients. Further, I am an experienced web designer, interactive graphic designer, and videographer for online adult education through reputable universities.

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